Standard Liquid chillers designed and manufactured by Advance Industrial Refrigeration are capable of operating in capacities from 5-150 tons in both air and water cooled versions. Many options such as compressor style, heat exchanger configuration and the optional waterproof enclosures can be designed for any type of application no matter how harsh or unusual it may seem. Incorporation of the water tank, circulation pumps and accessories are all opportunities to further simplify the installation for our customers.

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Built for Service

Other commercial or industrial units are built as throwaway units or are so hard to service that it is easier to just replace the unit. All AIR units are designed and built with the service technician in mind. We are able to do this by take the learning and difficulties that we see in the field and pass that information to our engineering team to enhance our units.

1. Cabinet doors removable for service, without tools.
2. Electrical box positioned for easy access.
3. Shell and tube evaporator for easy cleaning.
4. Easy access to compressors and sensors/protection devices.
5. Replaceable filter drier cartridges. Isolation service valves included, no cutting or re-brazing.
6. Shell and tube condensers for easy cleaning.


Key Features

• Capacities from 5 to 150 tons
• Integrated control PLC
• Air cooled or water cooled condensers
• Cu, CuNi or SS tubes
• Single and dual independent refrigerant circuits
• R-134a refrigerant
• Welded stainless steel base frame structure
• Hinged/removable doors requiring no tools*
• Crankcase heaters
• High and low pressure transducers
• Stainless steel exterior cabinet*
• Serviceable filter/drier w/isolation
• Easy to use operator interface
• Integration with monitoring systems
• Multi-stage capacity control
• Single and multiple compressors configurations
* Items included on optional 304SS sheet metal enclosure

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