ExactAIR is a self-contained cooling unit designed to maintain precise temperature & humidity in a compact setting. The same robust, industrial quality is now applied in a smaller footprint with an optimized air flow rate designed for:
1. Data centers / electrical rooms
2. Environmental chambers / growing rooms
3. Swimming pool / dehumidification

Precision air conditioning unit

Built for Service

Other commercial or industrial units are built as throwaway units or are so hard to service that it is easier to just replace the unit. All AIR units are designed and built with the service technician in mind. We are able to do this by take the learning and difficulties that we see in the field and pass that information to our engineering team to enhance our units.

1. Cabinet doors removable for service, without tools.
2. Optional heaters positioned for easy access.
3. Rebuildable compressors for industrial reliability.
4. Isolation service valves included.

Key Features

• Upflow or downflow configurations
• Capacities from 8 to 25 tons
• 304 Stainless steel construction
• Direct drive ECM plenum fans
• Integrated PLC controls
• Dual independent refrigeration circuits
• Replaceable filter driers
• Reciprocating compressors with unloaders
• Capicity control from 10-100%
• “V” style evaporator coil
• Shell & tube water-cooled condensers
• High and low pressure avoidance sequence
• Humidity control sequence
• Electronic expansion valves

Precision air conditioning unit