The Chilled Water (Hydronic) Industrial Air Handlers from ControlAIR 1300 series are capable of simultaneously controlling temperature and humidity in rooms that are located in harsh environments. These typically operate with a range of 3-50 tons of cooling capacity with the use of mill chilled water.

Industrial Air Handlers

Built for Service

Other commercial or industrial units are built as throwaway units or are so hard to service that it is easier to just replace the unit. All AIR units are designed and built with the service technician in mind. We are able to do this by take the learning and difficulties that we see in the field and pass that information to our engineering team to enhance our units.

1. Cabinet doors removable for service, without tools.
2. Optional SCR heaters positioned for easy access.
3. Industrial heavy duty blowers.
4. Air filter access on both sides of the filter rack.
5. Electronic water reg. valve positioned outside of the unit for easy access.


Key Features

• Capacities from 3 – 50 tons
• Integrated control PLC
• Electronic water regulating valve
• Welded stainless steel base frame structure
• Stainless steel exterior cabinet
• Stainless steel drain pan
• Industrial heavy duty blowers
• Pillow block bearings on blowers
• Hinged/removable doors requiring no tools
• Remote temperature/humidity sensor
• MERV-5 thru 20 pleated air filtration
• NEMA 12 control panel enclosure

Industrial Air Handlers

For applications where it is easier to locate the unit outside of a controlled room we offer a self-contained version of the ControlAIR Air handling unit. The ControlAIR 1300 Vestibule unit is built to be located outside of the controlled space in any harsh environment. Featuring an airlock, technicians can walk into the unit and preform any preventative maintenance or repairs inside the unit without continually exposing sensitive components to the environment. This unit is an example where we have learned from our years of experience onsite and developing products to solve the customers problems.

Take a walk around a the ControlAIR Air Handler to fully experience the features of the unit.

Available as a DX unit or AHU. Provides room to work on the unit while being fully contained. Ideal for instillation where there is no more space in a room and the unit must be placed outside.