Advance Industrial Refrigeration, Inc. (AIR) begin by focusing on the unique needs of our customers. As we engineer our products it is always with the customers’ best interest in mind; all the way from the exact fit for the environment to maintenance that may take place 10 years down the road. This attention to customer input and design detail started when Advance Industrial Maintenance & Machine, Inc. (AIMM) began contract manufacturing of chillers in 2007. Because of highly automated machinery, strong engineering, and a diversified workforce, AIMM was able to manufacture high quality refrigeration equipment at a competitive price. With steady growth in this sector of the business, in 2008, AIR was formed as a separate entity to focus on manufacturing refrigeration equipment in Augusta GA. AIR was very successful in meeting the unique requirements of its customers, which typically included equipment that could withstand harsh environmental conditions.

An early challenge that AIR faced and had to resolve was maintaining short custom equipment delivery with extended component lead-times. One of AIR’s vital components, the heat exchanger, typically had a 12-14 week delivery time. With very limited competition in the marketplace, the supplier was unwilling to improve delivery. For a short time, the problem was avoided by sourcing from a European supplier. Shipping and exchange rates made that option unsustainable for the long term.

Once again, with the largest fabrication facility in the area (AIMM) available for support, Advance Heat Transfer Solutions, Inc. (AHTS) was formed in 2009 to solve this significant supply problem. AHTS hired an excellent engineering staff and began to design its own heat exchanger line, set up manufacturing, developing software, and obtaining ASME certification. One of the largest compressor manufacturers in the world, a main supplier of shell and tube heat exchangers in Europe, and already one of AIR’s key suppliers was also interested in manufacturing heat exchangers in North America. In 2010, a partnership was formed, then experiencing rapid growth in product demand AHTS and AIR moved to an expanded production facility to Flowery Branch, GA. With strong sales, reliable manufacturing, and a solid product line, AHTS was sold at the end of 2011.

Now, with a reliable heat exchanger supplier, AIR could focus on manufacturing a quality product in a timely manner. Also, with the engineering experience from manufacturing heat exchangers, AIR has the unique ability to build the most efficient and highest quality refrigeration equipment on the market.

In 2012 AIR’s manufacturing was moved back to Augusta to its completely remodeled facility. The AIR manufacturing facility was designed to enable a culture of innovation and quality while never losing sight of the founding principle, customer focus. The team at AIR is ready to develop and deliver a “complete” solution for your organization and fully prepared to “Advance The Way You Think”.